Sales & Service


Our value is in our dedication to the foundry industry. We are an active member of several chapters of the American Foundry Society (AFS) and partner with them in activities that enhance the economic progress of the metal casting industry.

Our value is in our full service. No other foundry supplier in the Southeast even attempts to fill the total needs of our industry as we do.

From molding to melting to finishing -- and at every point in between, including ceramic fiber, refractory brick, and iron oxide -- whatever product or service you need, Specialty Foundry Products has it or does it.

We even manufacture our own high-quality green sand release agent and perform complete furnace rebuilds!

Over the years we have consciously expanded our in-house capabilities to maximize the value for our customers. With our single-source approach, you benefit from:

  • One point of contact for all your needs -- simplifying your life and saving you time.

  • Lower costs, faster response time and greater quality due to our control of all processes and services -- without the insecurity and expense that can come from subcontractors' scheduling, employee or delivery problems.



Refractory Installation Services

As part of our continuing effort to truly serve our customers as the one-stop shop for all their foundry needs, Specialty Foundry Products formed a new division that specializes in refractory installation services, including:

  • Turnkey furnace rebuilds
  • Refractory installation services
  • Tear-outs
  • Shotcrete and pumping services
  • Furnace sintering/heat-up and dry-out.